Ask the Engineer: Federation Shuttlecraft

All our ships have a number of shuttlecraft aboard for away missions, short trips, research, and recreation. In this case, one size does not fit all! Here are a few of the shuttlecraft most commonly used:

  • Type 6: Slow short range shuttlecraft. Very easy to pilot, even appropriate for untrained civilians. Typically unarmed.
  • Type 7: Short to medium range shuttlecraft. Typically unarmed.
  • Type 8: Short range shuttlecraft, designed especially for scientific missions. Typically unarmed.
  • Type 9 (Class 2): “fast, maneuverable, but not built for comfort.” These are for long-range travel. Equipped with phasers.
  • Type 11: A large heavy-duty shuttlecraft for long-range travel. Equipped with phasers and photon torpedoes.
  • Type 15: Fast small shuttlepod with room for only one or two pilots.
  • Type 18: Fast small shuttlepod with room for two pilots and four passengers.

More information about shuttles is available on Memory Alpha.

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