A Trip to New Scotland

A Trip to New Scotland

A couple years back I sat down and started work on developing the Trinity Sector of space, the sector that houses Starbase 118. As a result of this project, a number of wiki pages were created for each planet. It was my hope that they would help define the nature of the Sector and provide interesting locations for shore leaves and missions. This News Article is about one of those planets: New Scotland.
Approximately 3 hours away at warp 5, this is the closest inhabited planet to Starbase 118, and is a member of the Federation. This planet was settled by humans from the planet Earth, after having been hired by the inhabitants of the planet Raskor to help build planetary defenses. Once their contract was up, most of them settled on the closest class M planet. Since the majority of the workers were from the region of Earth called Scotland they chose to name their new colony, New Scotland. To this day this world has a very strong Scottish presence.
When the Federation decieded to build Starbase 118, it was the occupants of New Scotland that did a great deal of the work of building it. Their planet also provided almost 90% of the materials needed to construct the station. It was during this construction that the planet and its citizens became members of the Federation. Since then, they have been firm supporters of the station and still supply the largest majority of supplies needed to operate the station.
Thanks to both their early work with the Raskorians and construction of Starbase 118, they have developed into the strongest economic force in this sector of space. Add to that a population in excess of 36 million and numerous cities and towns scattered over the entire planet and you have a well developed industrial and support system. With ample locations planet-wide to visit with 4-star accommodations, excellent food and a wide variety of activities, it is easy to understand why this planet is one of the favorite vacation spots for Starfleet officers on shore leave from Starbase 118.
They also have numerous wilderness regions that offer excellent camping opportunities. Boating, mountain climbing as well as winter sports and beach activities are also easily available. Read more about it on the wiki!
This article written by Commander Tal Tel-ar, of the USS Challenger-A.

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