A New Chapter for Toni Turner

A New Chapter for Toni Turner

Even though her promotion to captain was official in January, Toni Turner decided to wait until the end of her crew’s current mission to celebrate. And, what a celebration it was! Captain Turner left no detail to be imagined. Many of those whom she had served with in the past made guest appearances to congratulate her. It is a rare occasion for a crew to have the honor to sim with the likes of Admiral Wolf, who simmed for his PNPC Admiral Reider, Fleet Captain Riley, Captain Waltas, Captain Perkins, Commander Vetri, Lieutenant Commander T’Lea, Lieutenant Commander Whale, and Lieutenant Commander Barnes.
The ceremony was held in a holosuite at Quark’s on Deep Space Nine, which included food, drinks, music, and dancing. The attendees were given the chance to enjoy the festivities, and when the time came for the fourth pip to be placed on Captain Turner’s collar, there was no lack of applause. Her speech was one of gratitude and humbleness, in which she thanked and recognized those who helped her achieve the captaincy.
Captain Waltas presented Captain Turner with the “keys” to the new Cheyenne class starship USS Thunder; its image was displayed on the ceiling of the holosuite for all to see.
And, so begins a new chapter in Starbase 118’s history. The USS Thunder was launched, and the Duronis II Embassy was re-established, both of which will be under the leadership of Captain Turner.

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