2011 Award Nominations Open!

2011 Award Nominations Open!

Each year, we hold an annual celebration of our simming accomplishments over the past year. This tradition goes back to the earliest days of our group, and is one that we’ve kept up faithfully.
This year, our awards process begins today. Each of you now has the opportunity to nominate others — members of your crew, your CO and FO, and other members from around the fleet that you’ve simmed with — to receive an award. Award ceremonies will begin in mid-December for each ship, and our fleet ceremony will occur near the end of December.
You can head to the award nomination panel now to begin nominating.
Over the coming weeks, we will compile the nominations. Some will be reviewed by your Captains, others will be reviewed by a committee from around the fleet, and some will be reviewed by the Executive Council. The best nominations will be approved, and the nominated members will receive an award.
Remember, these rewards come from you! This is your chance to show your individual crewmates and friends that you value specific aspects of their contributions. If a ship has no (or few) award recipients, it’s an indication that the crew didn’t participate in the nomination process, so be sure to nominate at least one other member of your crew!
You can find images and descriptions of each award on our wiki. The new award designs were done by our very own Images Team, headed by LtCmdr. Kali Nicholotti.
A few notes you’ll want to know as you’re submitting nominations:

  • Duty Post, Special, and Staff awards are fleet-wide and only given out once per ceremony.
  • For General awards, only one person per crew receives each.
  • The awards area on the wiki also has a list of past award recipients, so you can see if someone has won an award previously. Keep in mind that a number of awards were created for the 2011 ceremony, so some awards will not have any past recipients at all.

Finally, please keep in mind that your Commanding Officers do a lot of hard work in the background to help keep our community running. Although members of our Staff, they are not paid for their efforts and the vast amounts of time they devote to the group and your enjoyment. So, as you nominate your crewmates do also spare a thought to nominating your Captain for one of the Staff Awards!
If you have questions about the awards, you’re welcome to ask your CO or FO for help.

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