October 2011

Species of UFOP: SB118

Others includes Romulan, Orion, Al-Leyan, Android, Ba’ku, Dachlyd, Denebian, Denobulan, Gideon, Iotian, Laudean, Pythron, Angosian, Brekkian, and Cardassian.

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September Promotions!

Congratulations to the following officers on their promotion! Dero Goi to Lieutenant JG Arden Cain to Lieutenant JG Rogg d’Squamos to Lieutenant

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Top Sims: Round 18 Winner!

Congratulations to Ensign Velana and Ensign Zinna for “Tell Me About Your Childhood,” the Round 18 winner, which is continuing on to the semi-finals, at the end of the year.

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Halloween Story Competition

If you’re reading this you probably enjoy writing Star Trek stories. Did you know that it was a Star Trek story that won the Flashback Week competition back on August?

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