Aurora Plot Summary for September

USS AuroraThe away team on Farius Prime arrived to a brotherhood bunker where they’re tested by an Orion slave named Jalen following orders of Major Talar to discover if they’re of the Brotherhood or faking. The team managed to uncover themselves Lt. Tali managed to make Jalen sympathize with them and get her help for the team.

Meanwhile the rest of the team members managed to get some Intel from other brotherhood members until a storm falls over Maltabra city and caused a blackout on the energy generator of the bunker. With their engineer out Tali get to the task of repairing it and the others gathered Intel and prepared to leave. Jalen finally sacrificed herself to allow the team get out and destroy the energy generator on their way out. Commander Dickens was injured in the escape ending with the loss of his left hand.

Meanwhile the USS Aurora crew dealt with a hybrid bio-mechanical virus that affected systems throughout the ship, including the holodeck where an experiment was performed, causing a little supernova to damage part of the ship and infected Ensign Blackwood and part of the crew she came in contact with. Finally ensign Okera from Engineering, Malcolm from Medical and T’Lea from Science managed to stop the virus and contain it for further study.

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