10 Tips for Novice Creative Writers

From "Bill Mullins' Weblog"We’re blown-away by this great, easily-readable resource (on a site called “Jerz’s Literacy Weblog”) which provides a primer for novice writers on how to write great fiction. The tutorial gives just enough information to be useful and educational, without going into so much detail as to force the reader to really hunker-down for a creative writing course. From Writing Meaningful Dialogue to Creating Conflict and Tension, you’ll get the information you need in a succinct and clear manner. Take a look today and find ways to polish your writing, or if you’re new to creative writing, get a jump-start on making sure your sims are of top-notch quality!

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  1. tespera

    This is a very nice find indeed! Some really great ideas there, the frequent use of examples really helps illustrate the point and all the related articles it has is going to keep me inspired (and reading) for a while.