Species Close-up: Cart’henian

A remarkable species can be seen lurking around our wiki pages.  This was a species designed by our own Tal Tel-ar.  Using a lot of real world experiences, he was able to craft this unique species into one of the most original non-canon species out there.

The Cart’henians are a desert species that live on a planet fairly close to Starbase 118. They are located in the no-mans land of the neutral territory between the Federation, Klingon and Romulan controlled space. They were originally a peaceful nomadic species. The Klingons eventually invaded and turned them into slave labor. By the time the Klingons removed most of their troops they had lost many of their traditions and knowledge regarding survival in the harsh desert conditions that surrounded them.

Those that did return to the deserts found escaped tribesmen who were now grim, vengeance driven warriors waiting for them. The ones who could not adapt to life in the deserts settled within the various abandoned mine facilities. With the Klingon presence gone numerous off-worlders began to arrive, attracted by the lack of outside official influence. Completely independent shanty town mining communities were created, with the Cart’henians forming a low paid work force.

They are survivors who are fighting the slow decline in their numbers and the incredible impact that alien contact has had on their culture and traditions. Only time will tell if they will survive as a people and a species.

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