A review of Decipher’s Star Trek RPG written by Lt. Tallis Rhul of the USS Challenger.
For well over 40 years, Science Fiction fans have been exploring space to seek new life and new civilizations through their TV screens , wishing that they could take their place in the Star Trek universe. Emotions stirred like tides as iconic moments were painted into the annals of Gene Roddenberry’s universe. Captain Kirk fighting the Gorn. Jean-Luc Picard becoming a counterpart to the Borg Queen. Benjamin Sisko standing amongst the ashen ruins of a conquered Cardassia. Kathryn Janeway refusing to listen to her first officer’s advice and ploughing the ship and crew headlong into yet another…shuttle accident. How often have fans wished that they could stand alongside their favourite cast members aboard the Enterprise, or even dreamed of having a crew of their own?
Such things are possible in the world of roleplay, and the Star Trek Roleplaying Game provides an immersive experience for fans of any series. Geared up as it is to recreate any of the five television series, it can take any ship and crew through any number of situations. How will you react to a Romulan Warbird decloaking directly in front of the ship? Could you negotiate peace with the Klingons?
The best part about the game is its relative simplicity. For those of you who are new to roleplaying, players are often needed to roll dice to find out if actions that they take are successful. In other words, you can’t phaser a borg right between the eyes unless you can make a good enough dice roll. Star Trek handles this in an unintimidating manner – everything is based on the roll of two six-sided dice, with a comprehensive list of skills that you will have chosen during your character’s creation adding bonuses to things that you would naturally be good at. This also lends itself well to players acting out their duty post – you’d never find Deanna Troi taking on a Jem’Hadar warrior in hand-to-hand combat for example (and if you did there’d be a greasy Betazoid-shaped smear on the floor shortly afterwards)…
Even if you don’t have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Star Trek universe you’ll find that the game caters for you – there are many different sourcebooks explaining the background and mechanics of alien races, starships, technology, worlds and even B-movie quality creatures that are poised and ready to eat any red-shirted crewmen who join your Away Team! All in all, the Star Trek Roleplaying Game is a must have for Science Fiction fans!
If you’re not keen on dice-rolls and more into writing with other people then you might also try roleplaying online: ‘UFOP: Starbase 118’ is a friendly group that provides a similar experience, allowing you to join a crew of other officers and boldly go where you have never gone before. If something more literary better suits your taste, take a look at

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