Constitution plot summary for November

Constitution plot summary for November

Still jumping through time the crew now find themselves in 1969 at Woodstock. It soon becomes clear things are very wrong indeed. Time is collapsing and mixing together. Romans, Vikings and a rampaging T-Rex are running around killing hippies.
The crew encounter a rather strange group of time travelers called the Alfa Numericals whose task it is to protect time. They have found the cause of the damage. It is the Constitution herself destroying time. The crew agree to help the Alfa’s fix the problem by going back in time to a point where the damage is at it’s lowest so they can fix the problem, before time is damaged any further.
After finding the ship, Ensign Teagan finds a way to reverse the damage. There is a blinding flash and the crew wake up. Everything is back to normal and the crew have no knowledge of what happened.
The ship is now being towed back to base.
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