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“* Star Trek Online has updated their Star Trek history section, with new information for the year 2383.” “According to the site, the events of 2383 were: civil unrest on Romulus with food and replicator rationing, the Cardassians continuing to rebuild their war-ravaged planet, disagreement between the Federation and the Klingon Empire over the Klingon takeover of Khitomer and the EMH’s continuing legal case to keep his mobile emitter.”

* “William Shatner reminisced about Majel Barrett-Roddenberry in a new video at Shatnervision, and expressed his condolences to her family. According to Shatner, Barrett-Roddenberry was the “the perfect companion, the perfect person to play opposite him [Leonard Nimoy]. She appeared on the scene and I thought ‘Wow, that’s great casting.”
* TrekWeb reports that IDW will publish a trade paperback omnibus of the entire first series of Marvel Comics’ Star Trek: The Original Series comic books (minus the Star Trek: The Motion Picture adaptation.) IDW will also publish a trade paperback omnibus of the entire Star Trek: Early Voyages comic series which features Captain Christopher Pike and the Enterprise crew from The Cage timeframe.”

* “ reports that Star Trek: Phase II has released a new episode, Blood and Fire, Part 1. TrekMovie reviewed the episode, and they found that “‘Blood and Fire’ is another good entry from the Phase II team. The episode did start off with a bang and provided a few highlights on the way, but the rest of the episode didn’t deliver as well as the opening teaser.”

* The Shatner Project offered a video of William Shatner singing to the whales while on a whale watch with his family last year. There was no word on how the whales felt about his singing, but Shatner enjoyed poking fun at himself. “I’m a big whale,” he sang. “You gotta love him,” said a family member. “Or throw him overboard,” replied Shatner.
[-thanks to Boby for the compilation!]”

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