Starship Focus: USS Columbia

Starship Focus: USS Columbia

The USS Columbia NCC-85279, named for a twentieth-century NASA space shuttle, launched on Stardate 238103.03 just over one year ago. This Nebula class vessel is part of the post Dominion war Starfleet’s aims to reassert itself as a scientific body in light of a better galaxy-wide political situation. The Columbia‘s primary mandate is for scientific and exploration missions, as well as the development and testing of new technology. Planned and developed at Utopia Planitia yards, Captain Mal Avatar’s Columbia is a vessel capable of reaching an impressive maximum warp of 9.94. She carries a crew compliment of 450 crewmembers in her 421.5 meter shell, spread across 33 decks.. She carries 4 type 8 shuttlecraft, and 3 type 9 shuttlecraft, all named after the crew of the first Columbia’s ill-fated voyage in 2003. Columbia, also houses the Captain’s yacht, the USS Kumari.

As with all ships of her class, the Columbia comes equipped with a mission pod, that can be changed dependant upon the vessel’s assignment. These pods range from additional sensor packages, to war armaments.

Columbia‘s primary mission is one that pursues Starfleet’s renewed interest in exploration. Her motto of There are always possibilities reflects this. However, the Columbia is rated 4 in war capabilities, just under designated war. She was built with the memory of the Federation’s most deadly conflict at heart. Lessons learned from the war were applied to this vessel.

Over the last year, Columbia has been involved in a number of missions, ranging from the discovery of new races, a trip to an unknown galaxy, and conflicts with Orion privateers. The ship and crew has proven capable of facing the adversities before them, rising to the occasion. The Columbia is currently looking forward to an upcoming mission with the USS Victory.

Ensign Anton Vorobijev

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