Experienced by adult Vulcan males every seven years when the need to procreate overcomes them. If left unattended will result in death. We first encounter this condition on the Enterprise. Doctor McCoy reports of Spock that, “He’s becoming increasingly restive. If he were not a Vulcan, I’d almost say nervous. And for another thing he’s avoiding food… he hasn’t eaten at all in three days.”

His actions become more and more non-Vulcan. He changes course for Vulcan mid-mission without the Captain’s consent. Now McCoy reports, “If you don’t get him Vulcan within a week, eight days at the outside, he’ll die!. He’ll die.”

When confronted, Spock finally explains about the “blood fever.” Kirk sets course for Vulcan to save his friend. Upon arriving on Vulcan, they find that Spock’s betrothed, T’Pring, no longer wants to be his bride. In a cold calculated move she pits Spock against his friend Kirk in a fight to the death. Only after the apparent death of Kirk is Spock free of the fever.

Later on the Genesis Planet, Saavik discovered that Spock had somehow been regenerated, and was rapidly aging. As the new Spock entered his teenage years, he began experiencing the mating drive known as pon’farr, and Saavik helped ease Spock through this difficult time.

We even see Tuvok on Voyager enter his pon’farr stage far away from Vulcan and the Federation. Only through a unique treatment by the holograpic doctor and intense sessions of mental training did he overcome the burning.

Also on Voyager, after having a physical altercation with Vorick in Engineering, Torres learns that he is in the pon’farr. Later, Torres starts showing unusual behavior – apparently the pon’farr affected her Klingon side in a unusual way. During a cave in, Torres is trapped with Paris and wants him. Later, after being rescued by Chakotay and Tuvok, Paris agrees to sleep with Torres so she won

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