Monthly Ship Summary: Steadfast

Monthly Ship Summary: Steadfast

The USS Steadfast has been undergoing repairs for the past two 1/2 months after the saucer section was destroyed by the Breen. The crew of the Steadfast was transferred to StarBase New Hope, which was recently re-opened and moved to an area of space boarding Sector 12 which the USS Steadfast has been exploring.

Upon arrival, Commander T’Pen and crew began making preparations for Captain Hutton’s return from a board of inquiry, by getting the StarBase in tip-top shape.

Upon Captain Hutton’s arrival, the crew began security and tactical simulations to find out the readiness of the station and her crew. Through a mishap, various members of the crew started noticing hallucinations amongst its members.

When an alien pod was found to be drifting derelict in space, Captain Hutton ordered Commander Hutton and an away team of five to board the USS Shannon, an Akira Class Starship, to meet the pod and discover its contents.

The Shannon received the pod, but not before finding that its contents, an alien being of origins unknown to the crew, was dead, or at least appeared dead. When the pod’s hatch became breached, the shuttle bay, where the pod was being stored, was closed off by LtJG Dragan on the bridge. Commander T’Pen, Lieutenants DeMarc and Krell, attempted to find a frequency field that was not allowing them or the StarBase to scan the pod. In their attempts, the hallucinations became worse and posed a serious threat to the crews of the station and the ship alike. The hallucinations became serious, and an artifact, looking much like a rod or staff with metal and wood engravings upon it, fell from the pods interior. The Station Crew found a similar device in the engineering section of the station and was attempting to disable it when the field within the pod was shut off. Commander T’Pen had discovered the switch when she became angry at continually having these hallucinations and in a fit of anger started pushing the pods buttons. In the process she reawakened the alien who, using telepathy was able to communicate through Lt. DeMarc.

Captain Hutton and Crew were relieved of their temporary assignment and are currently in orbit around Betazed, where they are being received by the locals with open arms.

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