Monthly Ship Summary: Steadfast

After an exhaustive time traveling mission to the past, the crew of the mighty Federation vessel, Steadfast, earned a bit of a break, with adventure for some, rest and relaxation for others, new opportunities and job assignments. Now, after everything, a new assignment has been given: The Breen have attacked the Federation and the USS Steadfast has been called to act in a military operation. During the battle, the Steadfast separated its saucer section from the star drive, resulting in extensive damage and a crash landing of the saucer on the surface of a P class planet. The stardrive section, commanded by Commander T’Pen is currently coordinating efforts to rescue their crewmates and survivors of the recent battle, knowing that a group of ships (seemingly Breen) on the surface are heading towards the downed saucer. Time is of the essence. The Steadfast’s only hope of survival is with the stardrive and its makeshift crew of officers and crewmen.