Monthly Ship Summary: Embassy

“I put my fingers to the keys of this report with apprehension friends, not in a sad or bad way but in a dilemma, how do I explain this riddle that I and my shipmates are in. I will explain as best I can… After pressure from the science institute on Til’hon/Duronis II, Ambassador Rocar agreed to take a long awaited team of high ranking Laundean scientists to study the “sand bar,” a spatial anomaly that has prevented warp travel through this sector for many generations, it is only with advances in design and sensor upgrades that Starfleet and indeed other worlds are able to navigate this turbulent region of space.

Naturally only to happy to please his new friends Ambassador Rocar Captained the USS Resolution, an Axis class science vessel of the most beautiful lines with a small group of scientists to study this “sand bar,” more closely.

There started our trouble, sensors picked up readings of a vessel trapped within the sandbar, as space faring protocols dictate it is our duty to lend aid to these poor souls. Captain Rocar ordered a rescue mission lead by his First Officer and reluctantly his good lady wife expecting it to be a simple search and rescue. Big mistake. On arrival into the “sandbar” the spatial anomaly comes into it’s own, temporal distortion, quantum fluxes and back ground radiation had concealed that two other ships were within this vortex of peril, a Romulan Science vessel that has the more suspicious members of the crew climbing the walls, communication is between sketchy and impossible and their colleagues on the Resolution are running out of ideas to contact and rescue back their trapped comrades.

The crew of the Resolution look on into a soup of chaos, the away team stumbles through the trapped freighter looking for answers, and coming up with a thousand questions: “Are we the victims of an elaborate trap, just like these poor souls before us?”

So you can see my friends. How much more can this writer take, I only hope that my next report will be one of logic and gladder tales.”

LtCmdr. Gabriel (Chief Medical Officer)