Fleet Captain Hebron – The man, the captain, the journalist

Fleet Captain Hebron – The man, the captain, the journalist

By Lieutenant Commander Nugra

Captain Hebron, a Brikar Captain of the USS Constitution-B, has through many harrowing adventures with his loyal crew and his ship. But who is he? In this interview Lieutenant Commander Nugra of the Victory attempts to put more then just a name to a man who’s on of the most senior officers in the fleet.

Nugra: Where did you first hear of UFoP?

Xan Hebron: I am not really sure that I ever heard of it. I was just searching the net one day for Star Trek stuff, I had just gotten on the net, and I found it. Well, it was not that easy. I was playing in another fleet as a Commodore and got tired of my role there. I then researched more RPGs and found UFOP.

N: When you found the group, what made you interested in joining?

XH: I think it was due to having an academy. I found that unique and impressive. People just didn’t get thrown onto a ship, like in other RPGs and you had to earn your rank. In some other fleets, people just get assigned as captain and such, even if they are not able to do so.

N: In the years that you have worked in the fleet, what do you think of it all together?

XH: I believe that we have come a long way from what we used to be. Our leadership team is great and we talk with one another a lot. Our captains keep getting better and better. I think overall our group continues to improve and provide a service that people want and enjoy. I feel like some of the people on my ship and in UFOP are my family as well. Heck, we have people on the Constitution visiting one another now. That is impressive.

N: In looking at your bio on the LCARS system that you play the character Xan Kanthoth Hebron who is a Brikar. What interested you in picking this race?

XH: I was reading a novel at the time. Don’t seem to have it near me right now. Anyway, the Security chief was a Brikar and when reading about him and his race, I was just impressed by what they are able to do and accomplish. New Frontier is the set of books. Hebron started out as a copy of the character there, but then he grew into something more. I mean, I have been playing him for a long time now. He is like someone sitting next to me. When I do things that cause him mental anguish, I sometimes feel that I am going through it myself. It has been a blast.

N: When you became Captain, what lead you to choose a Galaxy Class starship as the Class that the Constitution-B would be?

XH: That was the ship I was most familiar with. I also knew about the history of the Constitution itself, the real one. It is impressive. The name just came to me as I was searching the web for past ships and putting it all together. Let’s face it, I am 33 and I love TNG. The Galaxy class can do a lot of things. You have so many potential things you can do on a mission. The stories write themselves.

N: So what got you interested in Star Trek itself?

XH: I am not really sure what got me into Star Trek. I guess it was something I watched as a kid and grew to love. I started watching TOS back in 79-80 while it was in reruns. It only came on at a certain time. I was the only one in my family who would watch it. Everyone else thought it was hokey. I mean, TOS was ok, but when TNG came out, I was totally hooked. I mean, yes the first season was a little off, but man did it get better. Then DS9, which is by far my favorite series. I watched and own now, every episode. That was the kicker. I liked Star Trek, but man did I love it now.

N: What is your favorite episode?

XH: Hmm, favorite episodes would have to be Best of both worlds Parts I and II. And in DS9 it would have to be where the Klingons attack the station during the Dominion war. That was totally wicked, coin a phrase from growing up in the 80s.

N: So, in RL what do you do for a living?

XH: Believe it or not, I am a simple Journalism teacher. I teach at a high school and am getting my PHD in K-12 Administration. I am really close to being finished. I have Comps and Dissertation left.

N: What state do you call home?

XH: I live in Shelby County, Kentucky.

N: Why do you like it so much?

XH: I live off the beaten path. At night I can look up and see forever. It is like living in a vast new world. I hate city life and busy traffic. Here I can pee off the back porch without worrying about neighbors.

N: Any advice to new simmers?

XH: Find a buddy. Sim with someone who will become that mentor or be that go to person. It can get really boring simming by yourself all the time. Don’t immediately attempt and IC relationship, that can kill a characters independence. Keep looking for opportunities to impress the captain. Share ideas and sim often and correctly. Oh yeah, use spell check. Geesh. Don’t just hit the reply button. Copy and paste all that you can.

N: How about the ones who’ve been here for awhile? 😉

XH: Keep making up side plots to help out. Look for ways to get in contact with younger players and assist them to where you are. UFOP is a great place to grow, but so often, people do not give back to the group they love. Find a way to share your talents and help out UFOP. I mean, we are the best, but in order to keep being the best, we need people helping out.

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