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Display your awards on your wiki profile

Awards are an integral part of the Starbase 118 experience. While we work hard to sim and weave a story that brings our imagination to life, acknowledgement for tackling some of the more difficult aspects of story building, or getting recognized for contributions that help our community grow are something everyone looks forward to.

And now, it’s easier than ever to make sure that you and your characters can shine by sharing the ribbons and awards you’ve earned!

Whether you’ve earned an OOC award or your character has gained a new Service Ribbon, players now have options on how to display their ribbons. While the ribbon ‘rack’ for character sidebars has been around for some time, our Chief of Wiki Operations has devised a new way to show off OOC awards on your user page.

By simply copying and pasting some specialized code, players can create a professional looking ‘case’ for their ribbons and awards. Complete with a nice wooden finish, the case allows you the ability to include the image of the award, the name of the award, the year that it was awarded along with the ship you were assigned to when the award was received, and the text of the citation that often accompanies both IC and OOC awards.

There are even multiple ways to implement this new addition to your user page or character page as well, including simplistic formatting, as well as something more descriptive using wiki markup code. Like many aspects of our wiki, the case that you create can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire! With a finish to match the beauty of our award ribbons themselves, this is another great way to show your amazing contribution to the 118 fleet.

Complete instructions on how to implement this special code are located here. And remember, if you run into any trouble, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Our Chief of Wiki Operations welcomes them here.

Fleet News Service Now On the Wiki

The fleet’s wiki has a new addition, thanks to Lt. Commander Roshanara Rahman (a.k.a. Rich). In the “Browse 118 Wiki” section just underneath all the fleet’s ships on the main page, you will find the heading “FNS Headlines.” FNS = Fleet News Service.

On the FNS page you will find the latest headlines in Breaking News, Politics & Current Affairs, Trade & Business, Arts & Culture, Science & Tech, Sports, Travel, and Editorials. The FNS provides the fleet with universal IC (In-Character) information for a fuller picture of our universe and an opportunity for continuity throughout the fleet.

Some people have already begun to add to the headlines and I predict that the FNS will be a huge hit! I recommend that you make looking over the headlines a part of your weekly Starbase 118 routine. There’s no doubt that knowing what’s going on around the rest of the galaxy will help bridge the gap between ships and make for better overall storytelling.

Check out the FNS for yourself here: Fleet News Service. To learn more about  how you can contribute to the FNS, check out the “For Aspiring Reporters” page.

All About You: Memory Book 118!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to learn more about the players who drive this game?  What if there was a way for you to share more information about your own life and what awesome things you’re interested in.

Wait… what’s that? There is such a thing?

There most certainly is! Our Memory Book is the place where Starbase 118 keeps a database of the person behind the character – the real you!

Anyone can join in, in fact we would like to encourage newer players to create their own pages and tell the group a bit more about yourself. Think of it like a scrapbook where you can write about your simming, link to all your characters and NPCs, talk about your real life interests and keep a record of your times in Starbase 118.

Featured Bio: What’s This all About?

Featured Bio LogoThis month, the Featured Bio Contest Team would like to shed a little more light on the process and the people behind the contest. As such, we’d like to introduce Deliera, aka Sky Blake of the USS Avandar, who sat down to answer some questions about both herself, the team, and the contest.

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