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To Play Or Not To Play

Years ago I had the the opportunity to buy a lifetime edition of Star Trek Online for a really good price. When I first bought it, I played it quite often and enjoyed it quite a bit. However, over time, I began to tire of the same missions over and over again just to gain experience, or get a new ship, or unlock a uniform or whatever. As time went on I just used Star Trek Online to take in-game images.

The last time I played Star Trek Online was about two and a half years ago. About a year ago, I bought a new computer and still have not gotten around to installing it on the new machine, but once in awhile, I do visit their forums to see what new and exciting things are going on there. So that brings us to this week’s question here at the Poll of the Week, and it is a simple one. Do you play Star Trek Online? If so, what new things are happening in game that those who have not played in awhile, or those who have never played, should be made aware of? If no, why not? We here at the Poll of the Week are eager to learn of your gaming experiences, so head on down to the polls and let us know about your gaming experience with Star Trek Online!

STO: Ship Variants

Photo CR: stowiki.orgFor those that do play or are thinking about playing Star Trek Online. I thought it was time to have a weekly news and update article about the new features and additions of the game, with some reviews and notes that i gather while playing the game.

First off as you all know there is a new federation cruiser, the Odyssey Class. When it was first introduced there was an event were the player could test the ship in a small testing ground, then a small confrontation with the Klingons. The ship could only be used if you held the Rank of Admiral or above. Since that event closed players had this new vessel in their inventory. Now there are configuration variants of the class. There is now a tactical, operations, and science. The tactical version of the ship has a small escort ship that will follow you and attack your targets in battle. The operations version has the feature of saucer separation like the Galaxy class refit, and finally the science version has work bees that repair the hull of the ship. There are options of buying all three ships, or just one. For the price of two ship you can have all three variants. Once you purchase is made the vessel is unlocked for all Federation characters on you account.

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