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Star Trek and the Coming Year

Star Trek: Discovery is promising to be a fantastic series by approaching the well-established canon and giving everyone a new idea of the world that Gene Roddenberry invented, the truth behind the perceived utopia and what actually happened in the first Federation/Klingon war. Yet some wonder if Star Trek could break new ground but Star Trek: Discovery has proven that it can.

Sexuality, until recently, has been a topic to be – and when it was discussed or shown at all, it was usually between a male and female. While it was also rumored that Seven of Nine, of Star Trek: Voyager, was intended to be a lesbian character, that storyline never materialized. Instead, it was Star Trek: Discovery that created the first openly gay character of the franchise and shown a fully developed character storyline.

With its first season winding down and the series being critically acclaimed, we are pretty much guaranteed another season. With the characters showing true diversity, are we surprised? With talk of a new Star Trek movie directed by Quentin Tarantino, there looks to be a great future for the franchise in 2018.

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June plot summary for the USS Gemini

After battling the Klingons, the USS Gemini, NCC-80564, made its way back to StarBase 118 for repairs. While they were docked, the crew enjoyed their leave. The crew was all invited to a beach BBQ on one of the doctors’ was hosting. Captain Liam Frost attended the funeral of Fleet Captain Nicholotti, while LtCmdr T’Mar dealt with the unfortunate consequences of an overeager doctor running tests on her empathic abilities after she sent Ensign Braddock for testing due to his sudden onset of abilities. Both also received news of the destruction of their old ship, the USS Apollo. Once repairs were completed, the crew boarded the ship again and are now on their way to StarBase 224.

A Moment with the Academy Commandant

One of the most important aspects of our group has always been, and will continue to be, the Training Team. It is through our Academy, staffed by the training team, that new members are welcomed into our fleet and introduced to our way of simming. Because of that, and the importance of new members to the health of the fleet, it’s vital that things continue to run smoothly.

But what does it take to make that happen? Today, we talk to Fleet Captain Andrus Jaxx, the Commandant of the Starbase 118 Training Academy. Having taken over as head of the Training Team and our Academy not that long ago, it’s been his job to step into the shoes of those that have come before and, as he says, “build upon the efforts launched by Fleet Captain Riley”, the previous Academy Commandant.

One of the initiatives started by Fleet Captain Riley was the Training Scenario Contest, won by Commander Alucard Vess. This year, Fleet Captain Jaxx is moving it to February to coincide with Writing Improvement Month. When asked about this contest, Fleet Captain Jaxx said, “Our trainers have the ability to write a scenario that can be used for a year. It’s a fresh scenario for our trainers to use that’s different from the eight that we cycle through normally.”

Of course, like any good leader, he’s also got a few plans of his own. When asked about some upcoming goals for the training team, Fleet Captain Jaxx said, “For 2014, we will be launching a new “Meet the Trainer” news column, where we can feature a trainer and what they have learned in the Academy, as well as their favorite part of training. Another focus for this year, which started when I took over as Commandant, will be sim quality. Dialogue heavy sims are a thing of the past, and we want to inspire our new cadets to embody their characters, not just speak for them.”

Fleet Captain Jaxx, along with the Academy staff, will be providing trainers feedback, just as they give feedback to incoming officers. “The biggest thing that members can get is experience and development in leading. The Academy is designed to help them develop as future command officers, just as much as it is for them to develop new cadets into members of our community. I think that was the intention when the Academy was conceived, and I think that will always be the goal as we drive forward. We have instituted a new feedback system so that as a trainer develops through the roles of ghost, mock, FO, and CO, they receive pointers from the Academy Staff. This will give them direction as they progress through the system.” Jaxx said.

For anyone aspiring to become a training officer, Jaxx also had some words of wisdom for them.

“The training team can always use great officers. I think anyone looking to train new officers has to have good mix of dialog and descriptive text. If they have a passion for simming, and a desire to pass that passion on to new recruits, then the Academy is a team they can enjoy. It can be demanding at times; when serving as the CO or FO, daily simming is required for the duration of the class. Each class can be a week, to a week and a half in length. We urge anyone that feels like this is something they would like to do, to speak to their CO!”

As we move into 2014, it is apparent that the Training Team will continue to provide high quality instruction to our newest members of the fleet. Thanks to Fleet Captain Jaxx for taking time out to answer our questions, and for giving us an inside glimpse at what it is to be the Academy Commandant.

For more information on the team, be sure to visit their page, or talk to your CO today about joining.

Welcome to 2391, Farewell to 2390

It’s official; we’ve turned the page on yet another year and are marching into 2391. Leaving 2390 in the past, it may only be now that we realize the many events that transpired throughout the last year. In case you’ve missed them, or you’re one of our newer members, here’s a brief overview of the many history-making events of year 2390 for the Starbase 118 Fleet.

Forums Roundup: November 2013

With October behind us, we’re steadily closing in on the end of the year. But just because the year is coming to a close doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of things to do and be involved with throughout the Starbase 118 Fleet. On the contrary, as the holidays and the end of the year approaches, there will be even more to get into, so be sure to head over to the forums and see what the latest happenings are today.

Here are a few things to look forward to!

How did your ship do in the Halloween Avatar Costume Contest? See the winners and say congrats in this thread:

Don’t forget to vote in the final runoff round of the Top Sims contest this year. The voting ends December 3rd, so make your voice heard and help select the top sim of the year. All submissions from this day forward will count for the 2014 contest:

Have questions about your duty post? Want to share your take on how to play your posting? Share information with officers from across the fleet in our special duty post forums:

And don’t forget your ships! There are always conversations going on about plots, relationships, or other news, as well as some forums based games that can help you get to know your crew even better:

Finally, if you have a few minutes to spare, there are tons of fleetwide activities that could use you today! Head on over here and see if there is something you might be interested in. With much to do, and most of it only taking a few minutes to accomplish, there is a way you can have a big impact on our fleet:

Remember, there’s plenty more where that came from. We’ll be seeing awards nominations and more soon, so keep your eyes on the forums and our news feed for more. Until next time, see you around the galaxy!

Top Sims Contest Update

The Top Sims Contest is now accepting nominations for Round 23. There are some great sims being produced by our members every day. Making sure they get the recognition they deserve is easy, and only takes a minute.

Visit the Top Sims Contest page.

Check the calendar to see which round we’re on.

Start a new topic and paste the sim into the text field.

It’s just that easy to share a great sim with the entire fleet. The winning sim will go on to the fourth run-off round. So get out there, and nominate today.

And while you’re out and about, be sure to congratulate the winners of the previous rounds as well:

Round 19: Cmdr Tal Tel-ar & LtCmdr Jalana Laxyn (as Sherana) – I Will Remember You

Round 20: Doctor Saveron – The Quick and the Dead

Music to Your Ears

As I grew up, I remember the television being on and as the clock would hit the bottom or the top of the hour, the sounds from the television would dictate what show would be playing based upon the iconic tunes of whatever theme would play. One never had to actually see the television to know what show was coming up, for the theme gave that information away from rooms away.

Themes for television shows date back the the days of radio, where themes would play before news programs as well as radio soap operas and any other show. That concept slid easily into television and is one feature that dates back long before television was even around and has been a part of pop culture from before the days your grandparents were born. As such, its probably something you don’t even think about much.

However, those who put together television shows place a large emphasis on this component. Can you imagine a news show with the Seinfeld theme? Or Friends with a classical ensemble theme?

So that brings us to this week’s Poll of the Week. Of the Star Trek incarnations with live action, which theme do you prefer the most? Head on down to the forums to check it out.

Forums Roundup: October 2013

It’s that time of year again – when some locations around the world are experiencing cooler temperatures and the excitement of the Fall, while others prepare for costumes and the great Hallows Eve. Whatever you are looking forward to in the latter part of this year, or what kinds of things you’re getting involved with, be sure that you take time to stop by the forums and see what’s going on with the 118 Fleet!

Remember, as we wrap up our Summer Blockbuster missions, that the forums are still available to all members of the fleet. Join in the conversation, leave a log entry, or just see what’s going on aboard other ships on the special Summer Blockbuster Threads:

The Sept/Oct writing challenge is open, with the theme ‘What Will Come’. It’s a good time to get started on your entry so that it can be in by the Oct 25th deadline. Learn more on the Writing Challenge forums:

We have a number of guilds and groups to join, depending on your interest. Connect with members of the Fleet on other ships through similar interests and help develop aspects of our Fleet collaboratively. Check out the current list of active Guilds here:

For some of you, this Blockbuster was the first you’ve participated in. For others, it will be your third or forth. Regardless of how many you’ve been a part of, share some insights from your point of view and help us make them better in the future:

Want to have some fun? Join members of the Fleet from all ships in our Games forum and just kick back while connecting with others in the 118 family:

Enjoy your fall festivities and don’t forget to join us at the Simming League Fall Festival this year, hosted by Starbase 118. Stay tuned for more details to come!

Top Sims Contest Update

The Top Sims Contest is now accepting nominations for Round 21. There are some great sims being produced by our members every day. Making sure they get the recognition they deserve is easy, and only takes a minute.

Visit the Top Sims Contest page.

Check the calendar to see which round we’re on.

Start a new topic and paste the sim into the text field.

It’s just that easy to share a great sim with the entire fleet. The winning sim will go on to the fourth run-off round. So get out there, and nominate today.

And there’s still time to vote on the winning sim for the third run-off to determine which sim will go on to the final run-off to determine best sim of 2013. Vote now!

POtW: Crossing Over

Over the course of the last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the Comic and SciFi festival here in my home town. And yes, after being coerced to do so, went in a cosplay outfit. I must say I did have a good time. There was so much to see and do, and I really enjoyed being stopped by strangers to have my picture taken with them. Even though some thought that was ample excuse to get a wee bit too frisky for my liking.

But as I walked through the maze of comics and artwork and SciFi memorabilia, I began to contemplate how this may all fit into the Star Trek universe we all know and love. As such, I’ve stumbled onto the idea of this week’s poll based upon all that I saw over the course of the last weekend.

So this week’s poll has to deal with crossovers, and what crossover between Star Trek and other SciFi series’ or movies we have all watched, would you be most interested to see? Why would you want to see such a crossover? Would it be more of a versus type scenario or a team up? How would it happen? Would you even be interested or curious in a crossover? If no, why not? Are there any that are not on the list that you would rather see?

Once again, I’m curious to know how the fleet thinks. If you are too, head over the the forums to find out!

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