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The Parents of the Starbase 118 Fleet: StarBase 118 Ops

Family and children, like love, are a part of life. It’s natural that almost every ship in our fleet has at least one family that is lovingly thinking of the ones left safely at home

One of the first things I read about  in terms of relationships in simming was an article in the Tutorial Library titled Love is in the Particle-Scrubbed Air. The way it was written, I saw it more as a set of warnings against than an encouragement to have a relationship; but who would listen to it, right? Well, a broken heart can be good for character development!

I recently set out to learn about the parents of the StarBase 118 fleet, and the first to answer my questions were 1st Lieutenant Thomas Benton and Lieutenant Commander David Cody of StarBase 118 Operations, and their Captain Kalianna Nicholotti.