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Interview with Mike Resnick

Rated Number One on the list of most awarded SF authors Mike Resnick is writer and publisher with over 40 years of experience. What made me big fan of Mike’s writing is his humor, which is often even in his most serious writings. Yes, my puny attempt to do the same is inspired by the works of this great author and immensely funny and dear person always open and friendly with fans. Mike Resnick will be Guest of Honor of “Chicon7”, 2012 Worldcon in Chicago.

Teagan: How did you start writing, what inspired you to write your first book?

Resnick: I’ve always been a writer. I sold my first article at 15, my first short story at 17. Writing my first novel was just a natural progression and I knew from the checks I got for articles and short stories that if I wanted to make a living as a writer I’d have to write novels.