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Lower Decks Interview: Lieutenant Junior Grade Malko, Starbase 118 Ops

We’re here with another interview with a newer member of our community. The title of this column is “Lower Decks,” hearkening back to the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode titled “Lower Decks,” in which junior officers aboard the Enterprise-D speculate on the reasons for recent unusual actions taken by the command crew near the Cardassian border.

This month’s interview is with the writer behind Lieutenant JG Malko playing a Denobulan male Counselor assigned to Starbase 118 Ops.

GALVEN: Thank you for allowing me to interview you! Could you tell us a little about yourself for our readers out there?

MALKO: Hello, and cheers to all the readers! I am a graphic designer in Toronto who works on kids’ television, Photoshopping goofy things that appear on Amazon, Hulu, PBS and TVO! On the weekend I’m the drummer in a bar band, perform in community theatre and host a drunken Dungeons and Dragons podcast.

What has been your favorite moment writing aboard Starbase 118 Operations?

Recently, I got to write a sim that started off as a pretty innocuous sim – a routine engineering check – that turned into a ‘Tell-tale Heart’ style mystery that flip-flopped between murder and a dessert related catastrophe! The stakes were very low, comparatively to many of the gripping sims Malko has been a part of, but that’s what afforded me freedom to have fun with it. Of course, I do have to commend Lieutenant Commander Rustyy Hael on being a good sport and running with it!

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