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So You Want To Be A Gamer

Writer's WorkshopGamers: A unique breed; creative, out of the box, problem-solving people. To the uninitiated, gaming can be a bit daunting, but fear not. I have a plan; I can walk new gamers through the process. You do not need to be a professional writer, you just need to have fun.

To start things off is that odd-ball word you may have seen floating around in that internet alphabet soup: PBEM RPG. It means Play By E-Mail Role Play Game. On the web, there are thousands of sites devoted to the PBEM RPG, in nearly any genre imaginable. I currently use a science fiction site that is running around in the Star Trek universe: UFOP: StarBase 118. In nearly all PBeMs, players work together to craft ongoing stories with unique characters. The story portions are called “sims,” told from the characters’ third person points of view. The writer has to keep in mind what the character is thinking, feeling, seeing, smelling, hearing, and tasting. Yes, all the senses need to be engaged with as many detailed descriptions as possible for the reader to get the full experience. Much like a favorite author does with their character. Before tackling anything, read, read, read and read some more. Ask questions of your fellow players about how they created their characters. What experiences did they use,terrestrial or alien cultures, et cetera.