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Fleetwide Plot Arc chosen for 2016, Plotmaster awarded!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our 2016 FWPA Proposal Contest!

The Captains Council has carefully reviewed each of the proposals that were submitted. After a discussion it was suggested that the two Orion Syndicate proposals be considered together.

Upon voting, it was decided that the combined proposal won the day. Congratulations to Commander Sal Taybrim and Lt. Commander Sinda Essen, whose proposals – Syndicate in the Shadows and Serpent War – will now be mended together to form the Fleetwide Plot Arc for next year!

Taybrim and Essen each also earned the Plotmaster Badge. Be sure to offer your congratulations to these fine writers for putting together such a great proposal.

More information will be released in the coming months about how members of the fleet can participate in building next year’s plot.

Coming soon: Fleetwide Plot Arc

Courtesy of Commander Nugra, please take this opportunity to learn a little more about a completely new way of simming in our community!

Q: What is the Fleet Wide Plot Arc?
A: The Fleetwide Plot Arc (or what I like to call the FWPA ’15) is a storyline that effects the SB118 universe. It is an event or happening that all ships will know about and vessels have a chance to participate and influence what is happening. Think of it like a massive sim where instead of players moving the plot forward, it will be the vessels that wish to play.

Q: Is it like the Summer Blockbusters?
A: Yes! But instead of being just a few short months, the story (or event) will have effects/ramifications that will cover the year. Think of it like a plot that covers a season of a television series.

Q: What’s the status of the first arc?
A: It is almost done. There is a lot of planning and coordination going on behind the scenes to make this an enjoyable experience. The tentative date to launch is February of 2015.

Q: What’s your desired timescale for implementation?
A: The implementation timeline is pretty much done. That is why we did not have a summer blockbuster for this year. The time and energy went into getting this story all taken care of so we have quality instead of quantity.

Q: If people want to learn more, where can they look?
A: At the moment, there is nothing released to the public, but I highly suggest you watch the forums because I will be posting content there relatively soon! There will be stuff for you to look up and read, it just has to get finished!

Q: If people want to help out, what can they do?
A: Talk to your captains! Express to them your desire to help and your interest in the idea. The FWPA is to foster community morale and spirit. There is going to be quite a bit you can do. There will be phases to the story and the FWPA Facilitators are going to need reports (we have the forms) and wiki updates to tell us what your ship is doing! For now, the best thing is to let your captain know if you are excited about this idea!

As Cmdr. Nugra says, the best thing to do now is to watch the forums! More will be coming very soon about FWPA ’15, “The Prometheus Event.”