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Congratulations to the 2016 Trivia Winners!

On Sunday, July 10th StarBase 118 Chat Team hosted the 2016 Chat Trivia competition featuring over 30 contestants from six ships.  There was an incredible turn out both for trivia participants and cheerleaders.

Participants in the trivia contest all earned the brand new Chat Trivia Participation Badge for this event, and one knowledgeable winner walked away with the elite level Chat Trivia Winner badge!

Congratulations to our top three contestants:

  • In 3rd place, from the USS Invicta: Commander Roshnara Rahman!
  • In 2nd place, from the USS Darwin, Lt. Commander Brell!
  • And our 2016 Chat Trivia Champion is: Fleet Captain Aron Kells from the USS Invicta!

Also, big congratulations to the people behind the scenes who helped make this chat a major success, our scorekeepers: Lieutenant Mirra Ezo and Lieutenant Antero Flynn from StarBase 118 Ops!

To see the list of all the contestants, rankings and give everyone a big congratulations, please head down to the chat forums.

Congratulations to all the participants, and we hope to see everyone back for a bigger and better 2017 Trivia contest!

Join us in the fleetwide chat today!

Don’t forget to stop by the chatroom today — Sunday, October 11th — for our monthly community chat! These chats are open to any member of the fleet. Come by and see, in real time, what other folks in the fleet have been up to. With Halloween around the corner, avatar costume contests, and plenty of fall fun, this will be a great chat to jump into!

The chat starts at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern / 5pm GMC UTC (UK) / 4am Monday UTC+11 (AUS).

Click here to head to our on-site chat panel. It only takes a moment to connect and doesn’t require any special software.

If you have problems connecting, use the instructions listed below the chat box.

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