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Trained by the best: Antero Flynn

Each month we interview a member of the Academy Training Team for insight on how our training works, and as recognition for all the hard work that goes into training new members each and every week of the year!

This month, we’re sitting down with Antero Flynn, a Lieutenant Commander from StarBase 118 Ops, who has been a highly active member of the team recently.

WOLF: Hello LtCmdr. Flynn! Can you tell us a little about yourself for the folks who may not know you?

FLYNN: Thanks for the Introduction! My name is Aaron and I rejoined 118 in the spring of 2015 after a hiatus of several years. Upon rediscovering my past love, I recruited my wife to the group as well and we have been going strong ever since.

In character I write for the fun loving Risian ‘flyboy’ Antero Flynn. He is the Chief of Helm for Starbase Operations and is a friend to everyone he meets.

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