Many changes to awards for 2022!

Many changes to awards for 2022!

The Captains Council is pleased to announce a slate of changes to our awards for our upcoming 2022 ceremony! This includes two new awards, a few significant changes to current awards, and a bunch of rule changes that are applicable to everyone.

The two new awards, which are already available on our nomination form:

Combs Cross (General Award)
A new award for those who sim a PNPC particularly well. Description as follows: “Awarded to individuals “who bring their ships to life with well-rounded PNPCs, enhancing plots and character development, without detracting from the main story and characters of the sim. They add depth and colour to the universe, and make the journey the experience. Named for Jeffrey Combs, guest star of a thousand faces.”

Shax Star (Duty Post)
A new award for those who sim Security/Tactical as a combined Duty Post. Description as follows: “Awarded to dual posting Security/Tactical officers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in protecting and preserving the lives of their crewmates. Not only do they show cunning and bravery in combat, these officers know how to safeguard lives without firing a phaser, using their knowledge and experience to prevent violence and stay true to Federation ideals. This award is only available to those fulfilling the dual role of Security/Tactical, and not the individual duty posts.”

For the full rundown, check out our post on the forums detailing everything, and be sure to post any questions you have!

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