2021 is the “Year of the Commodore”

2021 is the “Year of the Commodore”

The Captains Council is excited to announce that as of September, 2021, six of our nine Commanding Officers – that’s two-thirds! – have accumulated over five years of experience in the center chair, here at StarBase 118 PBEM RPG, to attain the special rank of Commodore. Here are the current Commodores of our fleet, in order of command tenure:


This is an incredible milestone that would be hard to find anywhere else, making it entirely clear that our COs have deep and broad experience in role playing, leadership, and storytelling ability.

We wanted to create a special fleet event to recognize these members of the fleet, who made had an indelible mark on our game and our community. To start, we’re announcing the “Year of the Commodore” Commemorative Coin, which can be added to your wiki user profile if you’re active between September and December of 2021.

File:Year of the Commodore Commemorative Coin.png

We’ve also planned a special Commodore-led chat for Sunday, November 21 – more scheduling information coming soon, but start brainstorming your questions for the Commodores now!

Additional goodies will appear throughout the month, so be on the lookout for those.

Many thanks to our Commodores for all the hard work they’ve put in over the years. Your valuable contributions are greatly appreciated and we hope this month of recognition shows just how much you mean to our community!

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