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Promotions for September

We’d like to congratulate all who saw their hard work and dedication pay off this month with a promotion to a higher rank, and we welcome everyone to congratulate these members around the forums and on chat!


  • Kurt Logan to Lt. Commander
  • Esa Kiax to Lt. Commander
  • Lephi to Lieutenant JG
  • Elizabeth Snow to Lieutenant JG
  • Thalas th’Koro to Lieutenant JG


  • Artinus Serinus to Lieutenant
  • R’Ariel to Lieutenant JG
  • Regan Wilde to Lieutenant JG
  • Keneth Nakada to Lieutenant JG
  • Charlotte DeBarres to Lieutenant JG


  • Geoffrey Teller to Commander

Want to learn more about advancing in rank like these hard-working fleet members? Check out our Promotions Guide on the wiki!

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