We’re launching two new ships – are you interested in joining?

We’re launching two new ships – are you interested in joining?

Two ships head out to the frontiers of the Federation, preparing to not only explore, but defend and serve the citizens of the Federation. On one side, of space, the Eagle fills the power vacuum as the Cardassian Union withdraws from a nearly lawless, annexed territory to focus on its homeworld. On the other side of space, the Montreal arrives in the Shoals to aide colonists and hold the line against space pirates, famine, disease, and unrest.
This week, UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG is excited to launch the USS Eagle and USS Montreal, welcome additions to our growing ranks that will help us make room for new players. Under the commands of Oddas Aria and Mei’konda respectively, these ships are accepting six transfers from around the fleet to help fill out their rosters and alleviate overcrowding on our established vessels.
Click here to check your eligibility, find out more information, and submit your transfer request. Your promotion progress goes with you to the new ship!
Act quickly if you’re interested – new ship rosters usually fill up within 48 hours of our first announcement going out!

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