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Poll of the Week: Feeding love

You are the captain of a starship, and you are called for an urgent diplomatic intervention. You go to the home planet of the Mantisar (a fictitious species created for this exercise, do not look them up). They are not members of the Federation, but they are allies. In this case, a human couple in their sixties has called for your intervention.

Once you arrive at the planet, the humans explain the situation. Their son Marcus has fallen in love with a Mantisar female. They had been together for years now. The problem is they have now decided to get married. And, in the insectoid culture of the Mantisar, they wedding night celebration ends with the male being eaten by the female. It is their tradition, and Marcus has agreed to go on with the ceremony.

However, Marcus’ parents hope you can use your authority to prevent it from happening and bring their son back to safety. The wedding is that same day, so there is no option to get a new diplomat and brief them on time. It is your decision.

Will you try to avoid the wedding? How forcefully? Come to the forums to let us know!

This is a new question from our category Morals of Trek, where you are in the shoes of a Starfleet Captain facing a dilemma any of our favorite characters could have faced in Star Trek. If your crew has faced any such dilemmas and you want to see it featured in a Poll of the Week, let us know!

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