Are you missing sims? Let’s fix it!

Are you missing sims? Let’s fix it!

Have you ever sat down to read through the day’s sims only to scratch your head wondering how your crewmates are writing in such a disjointed way? Has “missing sim syndrome” left you with the desperate feeling that you have to check the Google Group archive every day to make sure you’re not left out of the loop?
Email is the best way to get sims – they come right to you! – but sometimes technology fails us by trying to be “too helpful,” filtering sims into junk folders or not even delivering them at all. Luckily, there’s a way you can make sure to get nearly every sim, without fail: Whitelisting.
Whitelisting is the simple and quick process of adding to your “Contacts” list the email addresses from which you’ll receive sims, and/or OOC messages to ensure that every email from these lists is delivered directly to your inbox without fail.
AWeber, an email marketing tool, has put together a remarkable page with tutorials for whitelisting on nearly every email client. Click here to check it out.
Make sure to whitelist your ship’s sim list, OOC list, as well as the email address from which our newsletters are received from, which is our announcements email list.
Have questions? Head to the forums to ask.

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