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Poll of the Week: Your Favorite Dax

“Salt this, buddy!” is a statement that may be found above some member’s profiles in the forums. It was originally an inside joke referring to the slug inside one of our member’s character who happened to be a Trill. It took on a life of it’s own at the time there on the forums but now leaves people scratching their heads wondering what it means.

That being said, Trills are a long-lived species. Not the part of them that are exposed to the outside world, with their spotted skin, but instead the Trills that live inside their spotted hosts. They can live for many generations moving from one host to the next as each host eventually dies within normal life-spans.

But you all probably know that and there is lots more on Trills on the wiki.

The most famous Trill from the Star Trek television episodes is Dax. Introduced to us first as Jadzia Dax, we soon learned there were several hosts to the Dax symbiont. This week’s question: Which was your favorite?

Head over to the polls and vote away and don’t be shy to leave a comment!