Poll of the Week: Relevance of the starship

Poll of the Week: Relevance of the starship

Although all Star Trek series had a group of main characters, all of them had a protagonist who was not a crew member. Not a civilian, or even an officer that was not technically part of the crew. Not even a live being — it was the ship itself. The different incarnations of the Enterprise, Voyager, even Deep Space 9 (or, if you want, the Defiant) were also protagonists of their own series, and they also helped shape the stories that were told in them. A similar phenomenon happens in our simming. The stories we write are about our characters’ experiences, but our starships play an important role in those tales. Our characters learn to love their ships, or their stations, and we make them part of the story.
The fleet offers a great variety of starships, each of them different. Right now, the crew of the Darwin is embarked in launching a new expedition, and you can even help name the new medical ship that is joining it!
So it is natural to ask, how relevant is the starship in our story? And with that I mean, how does the choice of starship affect how our simming develops, what stories we play, what we do aboard? What does our choice of starship say about our simming?
This is a new post in our category Simming Questions. Here we will be asking questions about our community, our characters and our writing, and how you interact with it all.

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