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One of our most important teams needs your help

With so many exciting things happening around the fleet on a day-to-day basis, our Community News is the way that everyone can stay informed and involved! The Community News Team works to highlight interesting fleet news, interview fleet members for recognition, and explain updates about fleet rules and procedures to our members.

Our Community News serves a number of important functions for our fleet:

  1. Keeping members informed: We ensure that our members know the events and important news happening throughout the fleet;
  2. Ensuring prospective members know how active we are: An updated news page ensures that prospective members know that we’re still healthy and alive!
  3. Helping our search engine rankings: Regular posts on our news also show search engines that we’re active and regularly updated, which increases our rank in search engines and in turn helps us find new members.

The team uses a dedicated email list to share story ideas, edit each other’s work (when requested), and ask questions about submitting stories to our Community News.

Each member of the group is expected to submit one article a month for the Community News. Those articles should be properly edited, spell-checked, and pertain to the community, its members, or Star Trek.

The normal time requirement is about one hour a month, total, depending on long it takes you to write out a 400-word article.

But don’t worry, we help you every step of the way! Each month, you’ll receive a list of potential story ideas. You can pick whichever one sounds best to you, work on it for a week or two, and then submit it to the Community News. There are full instructions, and everyone on the team is very helpful.

Click here to learn more, or just fill out the form below to be added to our email list.

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