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Here are the Halloween Avatar Contest 2016 winners

Happy Halloween everyone! I’m so happy to announce that every ship entered! And there was some amazing work done – every year the entries get better and better. Thanks to everyone who participated, and especially to those who helped get their crews to select a theme and those who helped design the avatars. Read on to find out who won…

There were three judges, the first of which was yours truly.

The other two judges were guests, and we thank them for participating:

The judges reviewed all the avatars in the check-in threads. They ranked all the participants in two categories from one to eight, with one being the lowest score and eight the highest. The two categories were Originality and Design. The scores in each category were then added together and multiplied by the participation score. (So if 80% of the crew participated, then your scores were multiplied by 80%.)

For “best in show,” each judge nominated three of their favorite avatars. The person with the most nominations won. (One person received two nominations, in this case. If there hadn’t been more than one nom, I would have chosen the winner myself.)

With two nominations out of the nine total made, congratulations to Lt. JG Savan of Duronis II Embassy, who had not only a great avatar, but also a funny quote

Setting aside the participation score just for a moment, we had a tie for second place in originality: Darwin and Za. Congratulations to them for the very unique themes.

Darwin was also second place in the design category, just one point shy of the winner. The fun and clean designs were a big hit.

To that end, Darwin’s the clear runners-up. Top two in the last two years – not bad! 

And now to our overall winners. This team won all categories in the raw scores AND had 100% participation, beating Darwin by two points overall. Congratulations StarBase 118 Ops with their Steampunk crew!

The great theme coupled with the beautiful avatars stole the show. Way to go Ops!

Unfortunately we don’t have a “best in show” badge, but we’ll get one designed 🙂 

Darwin’s primates receive runners-up badges. Our winners, SB118 Ops Steampunk crew, receive winning team badges. These are available on our badges wiki page.

Thanks again to everyone for participating. Please congratulate the winners and runners-up in our discussion thread.

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