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Featured Bio Contest Team needs you!

The Featured Bio Contest team is looking to add new members from ships currently not represented on the team. All that is required is that members are the rank Lieutenant JG or higher and have an interest in character building, backgrounds, and/or reading crewmates’ bio-pages on our wiki.

So, if you are an officer of Lieutenant JG rank or higher, currently serving on Starbase 118 Ops, the Constitution, the Darwin, the Athena, or starting on the brand new Za, and are interested in getting involved with OOC fleet operations, use the form below to contact the team facilitator LtCmdr. Brayden Jorey.

For more information on the FBC Team and Contest head over to our wiki area.

If you have come across a great bio that you think should be up for next Featured Bio, nominate them! Nominations take place on the forums HERE.

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About brayden.jorey

Brayden Jorey is currently at the Embassy on Duronis II and USS Thor as a Special Operations Officer. He is a member of the fleet's Training Team, a member of Veteran Affairs and the facilitator for the Featured Bio Contest Team.
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