Awards Ceremony 2016: Day 2 – Special Awards

Awards Ceremony 2016: Day 2 – Special Awards

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Welcome to day two of our 20th annual Awards Ceremony!
Yesterday, we announced the winners of the Duty Post awards, where 10 simming superstars were recognised for the extraordinary talent they have in simming their duty posts. Today we are recognising specific aspects of simming or OOC work with the Special awards. Only the very best are chosen so they are highly coveted awards that every player has a chance to be considered for by getting involved and giving it their best.
There are two new Special awards introduced this year:

  • The Luminary Award: For those who show great promise in their future endeavours in UFOP: Starbase 118 RPG. Given to members holding the rank of Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade, or Lieutenant. This is a counterpart to the Rising Star award, which is only for Lieutenant Commander ranked players, and higher.
  • Quark’s Bar: Awarded to members who are regularly active on the forums and have been supportive and involved in conversations enhancing the overall forum experience.

Luminary Award Quark's Bar
Just like with the Duty Post awards, only one of each Special award is given a year, with one notable exception: The Xalor Clan Xifilis award is given to any player who has overcome any sort of disadvantage while simming. We don’t compare and weigh one person’s struggles against another but rather award this to all eligible and deserving candidates who are nominated for it.
Find out who won each of the eight special awards presented to very worthy players by heading to the forums, where you can read about and congratulate our talented award recipients.

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