Top Sims Contest Round 17 now open

Top Sims Contest Round 17 now open

When was the last time you recognized a fellow simmer’s great writing? The Top Sims Contest is the perfect opportunity to show a friend and simming colleague that you value and appreciate their sims – and it only takes a moment to drop in a nomination!
Click here to submit a nomination to the Top Sims Contest. Copy and paste the subject line of the sim into the subject of this new post, making sure that it includes the full character name of the writer. Then, select Round 17 in the drop-down box, and copy the entire sim into the body of the thread. And that’s all!
Submissions for Round 17 of 2015 close on Sunday, June 28th, and you can read more about the rules here.
If you haven’t already, also make sure you vote in the current run-off round, which gives you the opportunity to help send a sim to the final vote of 2015, where the Top Sim of the year is chosen! Click here to vote now.

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