Poll of the Week: Which Series Was Your First?

Poll of the Week: Which Series Was Your First?

After recasting the captains of all the television incarnations of the Star Trek franchise, our team of pollsters here at Poll of the Week have come to the conclusion that most of the fleet has watched at least one episode of one of the television series of Star Trek in their lives.
Knowing that, our super genius number crunchers here at Poll of the Week feel that releasing this week’s poll will not be a hindrance to those who have never watched an episode of Star Trek, because finding someone in the Fleet who has never watched a single episode of Star Trek would probably be much more difficult than finding someone who has, within our little community.
So that leads us to this week’s Poll of the Week question: From which television series were you first introduced to Star Trek? Was it TOS with the swashbuckling Captain Kirk or was it The Next Generation crew that you first saw on the small screen? Or maybe it was the keepers of the wormhole, the staff of DS9, or maybe it was the early pioneers of space travel, the crew from Enterprise? Or was it the crew that became stranded in the Delta quadrant on-board the Intrepid Class Starship, Voyager?
We here at the Poll of the Week are dying to know what Star Trek television series got you started on this journey to the Final Frontier! So head on down to the polls and don’t be afraid to vote for the Star Trek series that started it all for you!

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