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Poll of the Week: Where Would You Like It?

I have noticed that there has been talk of maybe a new Star Trek series in the works. Whether this is true or not, is anyone’s guess. But in this week’s Poll of the Week, let’s think hypothetically there will be one.

Should there be a new series? And where would you like the new Star Trek series to be set? Would it be based on the universe portrayed in the new movies? Or would you prefer it being based in the prime universe post Dominion War? Would you rather see the new series explore more of the past in a Romulan-Federation War setting? Or how about a Star Trek series set in the far future? Or maybe you have a different setting you would prefer?

So head on to the polls and vote away and let us know at Poll of the Week what would be your dream scenario for the setting of a new Star Trek series, should one ever be broadcast over the small-screen airways ever again.