Recast the Captain, DS9 Edition!

Recast the Captain, DS9 Edition!

Once again this week we’ll be recasting the captain of a favorite Star Trek series and this week we’ll be focusing on the crew of DS9. Who do you think, other than Ben Sisko, would make the best commanding officer of DS9? Would it be Major Kira, the former freedom fighter of the Bajorans, or one of the two Dax hosts? What about Worf, or Doctor Bashir? Or would Miles O’Brien have made a good leader for the crew at DS9? Or maybe even someone not on the list, such as Garak or Quark?
So head over to the polls to vote and tell us the reasons why you voted for who you did. Our mad scientists here at Poll of the Week are standing ready with clipboards in hand ready to take notes on the results.

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