Poll of the Week: New Trek

Poll of the Week: New Trek

After watching the new Trek movies, I tell myself that I can’t really blame the actors for their odd portrayals of the iconic characters they are portraying on the big screen. I mean, I even noticed major changes in the behaviors and actions of Captain Jean-Luc Picard between the episodes of TNG and it’s movies. But that’s perhaps a topic for another poll. These actors are performing the best they know how with the scripts that are handed to them. After all, new Trek has been visually stunning, action-packed and has brought in a whole new generation into the Star Trek fandom. The actors and actresses involved are actually very good at what they do and it shows that they do try to portray their characters in a way that may resemble that of those of the original actors and actresses who played those same roles.
So this week’s question focuses on New Trek and the main characters in this segment of the Star Trek franchise. Head on over to the polls and let us know which new Trek character is your favorite? And, as always, don’t forget to post your reasons why!

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