Poll of the Week: Diplomatic Relations

Poll of the Week: Diplomatic Relations

I remember watching “Q Who” from The Next Generation and recall the throw away line from Guinan where she said something interesting that I never paid much attention to before, she said something like “When humans are ready, it may be possible to establish a relationship with the Borg, but for now humanity was only raw material to them.” Do you think the Borg could ever establish a relationship, even a friendship, with the Federation in the future?
Perhaps there is even an alien species that is worse than the Borg as an enemy? What could be worse than the Borg? Q hinted on the same episode that there are “terrors that would freeze your soul.” The Borg may be bad, but there could be worse things out there, deeper in space that the Federation haven’t even come in contact with. Perhaps, we are lucky we just saw the Borg, because much worse things lurk farther in space. It would be interesting to see if there are beings out there that that make the Borg look like kittens.
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