Poll of the Week: Which crew would you serve with?

Poll of the Week: Which crew would you serve with?

A barbed wire fence. A padlocked door. A moldy, wet concrete staircase into the earth. What’s this? A secret military bunker no one’s seen in 50 years with a… is that? A time machine?!
You’ve got a one-way ticket into the future and Star Trek is the destination. But how far to go? You could land just a few years ahead, after first contact and the long-slog through Vulcan side-eyes to end up with the crew of the NX-Enterprise and Jonathan Archer, if leeches, away missions that start and end with a shuttle ride, and who can forget little Porthos patties on the deck plating when the captain forgot to bring his baggies on the morning walk?
Or maybe it’s straight on through to the Golden Age of frontier adventure with Captain James T. Kirk and his crew on their five year mission aboard the Enterprise! Two-scotch lunch with Scottie, broken bones mended by the lovable curmudgeon in sickbay, or a shoot-first, ask-questions-later first contact with Kirk!
If you’re a little more of the cerebral type, maybe the Enterprise-D is your destination. Don’t expect to get too chummy with Captain Picard, but if you play your cards right you might win on poker night with Data, Will, Geordi, and Troi.
But weekend trips to the lush eden of Bajor could be fun, too. Of course, your future may be a bit uncertain considering the Dominion War on the horizon, but you’ll enjoy the many personalities of Dax, and maybe even meet the wormhole aliens if you and Sisko get close.
Get in touch with your spirit guides, learn clarinet from Harry Kim, or enjoy a drink with a handsome bartender in Fair Haven if you want a more communal experience that could be indefinite. Generational ship Voyager, perhaps?
Which one’s your choice, and why? Click here to vote in this Poll of the Week about the crew you’d most enjoy serving with. Then tell us why you picked that crew!

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