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Featured Bio Winner, December: Rustyy Hael

Tinkerer, protector, outdoors man, all terms that could describe Lieutenant JG Rustyy Hael, and engineering officer aboard the USS Constitution.

Born in Grayling Alaska, Hael was the first of seven children born to a charismatic bartender and a lighthearted waitress. Growing up, Hael was always getting into scrapes standing up for his siblings and tinkering with machines until the day his parents decided to have him join Starfleet in order to make something of himself.

Since graduating from the Academy, Hael has seen a lot. From fighting to keep his ship in one piece during his first outing, to battling Borg nanites, to traveling back to 1914! What does the future have in store for Hael? Only time will tell!

Congratulations to Rustyy Hael of the USS Constitution-B who has been selected as the Featured Bio for December 2015, and Sinda Essen  also of the USS Constitution-B, this round’s featured nominee!

As always, you can find out more about the Featured Bio Contest at its wiki page or in its forum. Head there now to learn more about the contest and nominate bios that deserve recognition!

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