June 2015

Luna class MSD

An Inside Look at the USS Doyle-A

The newest addition to the StarBase 118 fleet is the USS Doyle, NCC-80221-A, a Luna class explorer. Named after Scottish physician and writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930) and one

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USS Gemini investigates Prometheus Station

PROMETHEUS STATION – After investigating an incident at Prometheus Station, the crew of the USS Gemini have normalized space surrounding the station. After escaping the mysterious pocket of subspace that

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Protesters Asking a Hybrid Question

SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH – Protests cause disruption outside Starfleet Headquarters. Making recent news, a group of protestors who have previously demonstrated several times outside a busy fertility clinic in San Francisco

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USS Bronwyn sent back in time

DURONIS II – The crew of the USS Bronwyn, which includes the entire staff from the USS Thunder-A, went missing in the Duronis Sector and found themselves back in time.

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