Writing Challenge Updates

Writing Challenge Updates

The most congratulatory of congratulations is due to Sarah, the writer behind Saveron and the winner of our non-traditional holiday-themed Writing Challenge! The last Challenge of 2013 took its cue from Bonfire Night as it asked respondents to respond to the theme “Treason and Plot.” Sarah’s “Sins of the Mother,” which poses some very interesting questions about the Federation’s ideology, is told through the frame of a debate at Starfleet Academy. In its own words,
“You cannot believe that!” Bourke insisted, advancing on the podium. His face was red. “It’s people like you who would sabotage the peace that we live in. People like you who undermine all that we strive for, and damage countless lives in the process. Do you even hear what you’re saying, or did you learn to parrot it all on your mother’s knee?” 

“They invade our allies and possible future Federation members on Duronis II.” Another step. “They attack the USS Drake at Gateway Station, and attempted to mine the USS Avandar.” Another step. “Finally, they occupy Thracian space, requiring the intervention of Starfleet to prevent the subjugation of millions of sentient beings.” She stopped walking. “Are these the actions of a people who seek peace?”
For the second Challenge in a row, a downloadable compilation of all the entries and judges’ comments is available, so be sure to take a look through and see what these talented writers had to offer!
Our first Challenge of 2014 is also open, with one month left to go, so be sure to check out this Challenge; it’s our first that asks you to write in response to a piece of artwork, and we look forward to seeing what you write!

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