We’re relaunching StarBase 118 Ops — join us

We’re relaunching StarBase 118 Ops — join us

StarBase 118 Ops is one of our most venerated and long-standing simming sites. Launched all the way back in 1997, it has endured almost continuously since then. And now, after a nine-month hiatus, we’re bringing it back under the command of Commander Leo Handley-Page, as he begins his captaincy exam.
In an effort to alleviate overcrowding on almost all of the ships in the fleet, we’re looking for volunteers to transfer to the StarBase 118 to help form this new crew. If you’re interested, check out this page on our site for full details and the form where you can initiate your transfer: http://sb118.net/transfer_sb118ops
Simmers on the starbase get to enjoy the best of both worlds: the intrigue, diplomacy, and expansive storytelling of a starbase, but also fast-response and adventure of a ship-based sim. Just like Deep Space 9, our own StarBase 118 Ops has a ship the crew uses to leave the base: the USS Albion. This Excelsior-class ship is the perfect size for away missions, chasing down criminals, and meeting danger wherever it exists. When on the base, crew help manage the massive structure, its inhabitants, and the traffic in the Trinity-Serellan sector.
Almost everyone in the fleet is eligible to transfer, and you’ll keep your rank promotion progress. Our community staff is already aware of this ship launch and encourages everyone to consider transferring if they’re excited about serving aboard StarBase 118 Ops, and it’s away-mission ship, the USS Albion.
Just click the link below to learn more details about this opportunity and start your transfer process:

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